Family Bonding

26 Interesting Points for Family Bonding

Family Bonding – Your handy guide to help you build that super Rapport with your little friend.

While trying to fulfill all your other roles and responsibilities of being a working mother or dad, a wife (or a husband) a daughter-in-law, a friend, a neighbor, a jogger, a Yoga Practitioner, an active member of the housing society, etc. It’s really difficult to take out quality time with that growing-little member of your family. You may end up around your problems and ignore the little one’s emotional needs which can impact their impressionable mind for good. Hence, putting a few hours that you get to make the best of your relationship with your child.

Ask at the Right Time 

When your child fears something, you should not make them more Scare by commenting on the habit of asking questions altogether, for obvious reasons need loads of care when they are developing their opinions about a million things in life. At the same time, they do not want to be mistrusted, so keeping your important question aside for some time is worthwhile. Ask questions when your child would like to answer them.

Believe in your Child for good Family Bonding

Most parents don’t realize that the Child always looks up to their parents by seeing. They will come to see what life can for them be. The truth is that you are their world. And so, the children always want their parents to believe in them even if they fail.

Compare Times not Children

Nowadays, Parent’s expectations from their children are too much. For them, the future is more important than the child’s present. Try not to rule their world. Instead of comparing your child with your friends -Compare them today with times when they were puzzled. Let the time comparison accomplish the unexplained.

Dinner Time is exclusive for good Family Bonding

Many children dislike dinner time with family, they are afraid of being bombarded with 100 questions on several subjects. Dinner time should only care for each other and not bring out problems. Forget everything and let your baby understand your stance.

Encourage not Examine

Most parents want the kids to take their words as those written on stone. They want their kid to follow their set of laws which may wreck their Desire. Instead, encourage them to keep their thoughts boundless, which will help them perform well, without any fear of failure.

Family First

Explain to your sweetie pie that family is always together and for each other, let your kido know that if you decide for her good, it will never be a completely wrong decision. Your baby will then appreciate whatever you do.

Gift often for good Family Bonding

When you are busy taking care of practical aspects of child-rearing, like education and lifestyle you tend to forget to gift the valuable love that you have for them. Gifting your baby a token of love on an ordinary day would make a big place in his/her heart.

Holidays a Lot for good Family Bonding

Try to go to different places for short and long vacations depending on what time and resources permit. Make use of a weekend and pick up the most exciting tree trip. Once you begin your holiday-even if it’s a short one, let go of your child for some time. The process of exploring places around will alter for Outlook. Show the different cultures around the world; it will make them better human beings.

Independent Growth

Your child should always have the Independence to speak up their thoughts. Never pressurize them to follow what you believe in. Reward them for their freedom, and see them grow into a strong person with their conclusions about life and self.

Join in her Joys!

For your child, even a small accomplishment matters a lot. You should always be a part of each joy that they come across. Help them believe that the world is a beautiful place.

Know your Child

Make an effort to understand His/her likes and dislikes for good family bonding. Little ones feel more confident if they know that their parents are aware of their capabilities, potential as well as limitations.

Laugh out Loud!

Laughing out on your little sorrows and worries about weighty issues can work wonders. Teach your child to laugh at her goof-ups. Share your tales too. Laugh out louder and let her discover the satirical element of your bond.

Mark Mistakes with Ease

Of course, you should always tell your child if she ends up making a mistake. Though nagging might not help, pointing out her mistakes coolly can let them stand alert. Don’t make them feel inferior. Remember, all of us tend to learn lessons in life by making several mistakes.

No Numbering

Stop counting incidences when your child could not complete the task. That you will wait for a lot of consciousness and she might as well start hating herself. Don’t make her learn the wrong set of numbers.

Overcome the Bad Times

Holding things for long will never help the family bonding that you want to share with your child. Be a little more practical and a little less emotional.

Pizza may help for good Family Bonding

Yes, Pizza is not a passé at all. Sharing a pizza will Spice up your relationship with your child, and whenever you want. Scolded your child? All you have to try to place to attend for half-hour and Happy Hours are going to be back. You can eat healthily for the rest of the week.

Quote no more

Don’t keep on rattling on about what others say about your child. Stop chatting the quotes day in and day out. It may depress your child or compel them to blow their own trumpet.

Record Memories for good Family Bonding

Record your child’s birthday, holiday, festival, achievements, and other such times when they are very happy. Your child will love you for doing so. Why miss without the blissful expressions of family bonding that you want to be with all her life.

Sing a Song

Ever tried singing your child’s favorite song? Mug up and sing it. Even if you have a voice like a frog, don’t stop you will be her hero.

Tree to Tango

Help your child plant and grow a tree. Make them care for nature as well. It is an essential part you should never forget to pay.

Utter your Thoughts

Speak up about your worries and start communicating frankly early on. They will understand better if you tell them why you fret over their eating habits or how bending over the window ledge could be dangerous. It will help you create better family bonding.

Value Emotions

Don’t overlook her long face. You need to value her happiness. And if she seems unhappy or uncomfortable, get to the bottom of it.

Watch stuff Together

Sit with little darling and watch their favorite movie. Take them to the newest kids’ play in town. They will cherish the hours spent with you forever.

XYZ not

The relationship between you both is very special and needs special care, time, and effort. It’s important not just XYZ.

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