Rainbow Diet

Rainbow Diet- 7 colors play important role in your body

Rainbow Diet: What is the Rainbow Diet? Learn the amazing benefits of the Rainbow Diet

Eating three to five fruits and vegetables a day will undoubtedly improve your health. According to experts, healthy eating is not just about how much you eat. Your health also depends on the variety of foods you consume. This requires adherence to a rainbow diet plan.

To make your dish look like a rainbow, you need to have different colors like green, red, purple, yellow, and orange. This means you get enough nutrients and minerals from fruits and vegetables. By eating all the colors like a nutritious rainbow, you can use nutrients that fight cancer and boost the immune system.

Rainbow in the Diet

The rainbow is the seven colors. The Rainbow Diet needs to include a variety of fruits and vegetables. The color nutrients in these ingredients benefit our body. This color has a big effect on the body. It also boosts your immune system. It also helps you to avoid many diseases.


Red Diet

Red fruits and vegetables contain a pigment called Anthocyanin, which acts as a powerful antioxidant in your body. Pomegranate Red Chili, Strawberry, and Tomato are foods that can be beneficial to you. They are also considered beneficial for the skin. Reduces the risk of diabetes and reduces the chances of stroke and heart attack.

Orange and yellow

Yellow Diet

Carotenoids are the plant pigments that are responsible for the vibrant pigment that is abundant in most orange and yellow meals. Increasing the intake of carrots, lemons, oranges, mangoes, and yams will benefit your overall health. They are beneficial for the eyes to build immunity for healthy skin and help maintain healthy joints.


Green Diet

Leafy vegetables are a wonderful source of calcium. And should be included in your diet regularly. Vegetables rich in vitamin A include broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Other green foods high in vitamin C include kiwi and green chilies. Increasing the number of green foods in your diet will cleanse your body, help repair tissues and reduce the risk of cancer.

Blue and purple

Purple Diet

Phytonutrients are abundant in blue and purple fruits and vegetables. Blackberry plum, blueberry, red cabbage, and eggplant are beneficial foods. They are considered essential for health as they help fight inflammatory conditions. Keeps the urethra healthy. And reduce the likelihood of memory loss as we age.


Brown Diet

Fiber has a variety of health benefits. They support weight management by controlling cholesterol and maintaining digestive health by controlling bowel movements by lowering blood sugar levels by balancing sugar. Fresh brown fruits are rich in nutritious cashew seeds and whole grains.

Rainbow diet chart

Rainbow fruit chart
Rainbow Diet – Fruit chart

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